Last Report: 11/1/2020

NOTE: The Kentucky Secretary of State combines statistics for voters with no party affiliation and all minor parties

The Kentucky SoS provided a recent update on the number of mail ballots sent and received, but no statistics on in-person voting or breakdowns of absentee ballot actvity by party registration. I’ve updated the statistics for the total absentee ballots, but have no updated the party registration breakdowns. Numbers may thus not sum to 100%.

Total Voted

Total Voted: 1,508,000

Total Voted by Party Registration

Party Count Percent
Democrats 535,307 35.5
Republicans 417,258 27.7
No Party Affiliation/Minor 58,723 3.9
TOTAL 1,508,000 100.0

In-Person Votes

In-Person: 933,000

In-Person Votes by Party Registration

Party Count Percent
Democrats 216,567 23.2
Republicans 283,538 30.4
No Party Affiliation/Minor 29,424 3.2
TOTAL 933,000 100.0

Returned Mail Ballots

Returned Mail Ballots: 575,000

Mail Ballots Returned by Party Registration

Party Returned Ballots Freq. Distribution Requested Ballots Return Rate
Democrats 318,740 55.4 0 Inf
Republicans 133,720 23.3 0 Inf
No Party Affiliation/Minor 29,299 5.1 0 Inf
TOTAL 575,000 100.0 655,452 87.7

Mail Ballot Requests

Mail Ballot Requests: 655,452