Last Report: 11/2/2020
Source: Data scraped from county websites

Data presented here are scraped from 80 of Ohio’s 88 counties that post absentee ballot reports online. These 80 reporting counties include the largest counties of Cuyahoga, Franklin, and Hamilton.

These data were last scraped on the Last Report date, but counties may have last posted their data on an earlier date.

You may see reports of Ohio mail ballot activity by “Party”. I will not post party statistics because they are misleading. Ohio’s party affiliation is unlike party registration in other states. In Ohio, “Party” is a record of the last party primary a voter participated in, in the current and past last two calendar years (see: Ohio Code 3513.19(3)). In Ohio’s April 28, 2020 presidential primary, 124,628 more voters participated in the Democratic primary than the Republican primary, primarily because President Trump had only token opposition. As a consequence, Ohio’s “Party” is currently artificially tilted towards the Democrats. Leveraging this quirk, both political parties and their allies have abused these party statistics over the years to make disingenuous claims about party enthusiasm in Ohio.

I do not distinguish between mail and in-person votes in Ohio because some counties do not provide data by method of voting

Mail Ballots Returned

Ballots Returned: 3,000,827

Mail Ballots Requested

Ballots Requested: 3,211,203

Mail Ballot Requests by County

Ohio releases a weekly update to the voter registration file. The voter registration numbers are from the most recent release and may be slightly dated.